Treadio offers a broad range of adjustable-height desks and treadmills manufactured by our sister company, iMovR. We can customize these products to match the decor and precise space constraints of your facility. iMovR offers several different types of electric and manual bases, and dozens of different tabletop options ranging in size from 24″X42″ up to 3o”x83″, finished in any of eleven standard colors or over 50 custom colors, and with numerous peripheral options such as monitor arms, cable management systems, power nodes, standing mats and more. Any iMovR desk can be paired with a walking treadmill base to make it a state-of-the-art treadmill desk workstation.

Most Treadio workstations are based on iMovR’s Omega Line (including the Omega EverestOmega Denali, and Omega Olympus models), which offer iMovR’s proprietary SteadyType™ keyboard platform for the ultimate in standing desk and treadmill desk ergonomics.

What Makes it a Treadio?

iMovR standing desks and treadmill desks can be purchased directly off the website. or through for bulk orders. With Treadio, we provide the iMovR equipment on a maintenance inclusive, lease or revenue-share basis. Publicly accessible facilities (e.g. hotels, airports, libraries, executive suites, co-working spaces, and private clubs) that install Treadio workstations can be included in our directory of locations where travelers and local users can find them. Treadio workstations can be offered as a free amenity for members or as a pay-per-use amenity for anyone who passes through the facility.

Get More Information

To learn more about all the different systems we offer, please contact Chris Olson at 1-844-TREADIO (844-873-2346) or