Welcome to the new, healthier and more productive way of working while on the go!

Welcome to the new, healthier and more productive way of working while on the go!

Treadio is introducing the revolutionary new way of Working While Walking into publicly-accessible facilities, now including hotels and the hospitality industry.

Traveling is hard on the body. Too many hours of sitting – in airplanes, rental cars, meetings, restaurants, and in the hotel room getting your work done after a long day – can lead to “sitting disease.”

The perfect way to reenergize, is to catch up on your work at a treadmill desk. It helps unravel the stresses of modern-day travel. Walking activates the calf muscles, improving circulation and reducing susceptibility to developing thrombosis and varicose veins from sitting and standing too much. It pumps more oxygen to the brain, sharpening the mind and improving one’s mental outlook. And it gives travelers a badly needed respite from the spinal compression and lower back pain that result from too many hours squeezed into uncomfortable conference room chairs and airline seats. It even burns off a few extra calories – without breaking a sweat – offsetting those unhealthy travel snacks and keeping the traveler’s metabolism revving down too far.

Treadio offers a wide variety of turnkey systems, shipped factory pre-assembled and requiring minimal periodic maintenance. All our systems are highly customizable to match the decor and space constraints of the facilities they are going into. Depending on the desire of our site partners, these systems can be purchased outright, leased on a monthly basis, or owned by Treadio but offering a revenue-share income stream to the site partner.

For more information on getting sit-to-stand, stand-walk and sit-stand-walk Treadio workstations into your private club, please contact our Business Development team.