Welcome to the new, healthier and more productive way of working!

Treadio is introducing the revolutionary new way of working while walking into publicly-accessible facilities throughout the world.

Sit-to-stand desks and treadmill desks have become all the rage in the modem office environment but what about people on the go? Business travelers, co-working space workers, library visitors, etc… spend too much time sitting – on airplanes, in libraries, in cars, in meetings, at restaurants, at their computers, and getting work done in their hotel rooms at the end of the day. They desperately need movement to keep their bodies healthy and their minds sharp. After all too much sitting leads to “sitting disease” – causing back pain, fatigue, circulatory issues, weight gain, and reduced life expectancy. But with a Treadio workstation, you can get your low-impact movement in while getting your work done, and you never even break a sweat.

Launched by iMovR – the leading manufacturer of sit-stand-walk workstations. Treadio is in beta roll-out right now. We are just beginning to build out our national network of Treadio locations including hotels, airports, public libraries, executive suite business centers, private clubs, and co-working spaces.

Purchase, Lease, or Revenue Share

Treadio offers a wide variety of turnkey systems. shipped factory pre-assembled and requiring minimal periodic maintenance. All our systems are highly customizable to match the decor and space constraints of the facilities they are going into. Depending on the desire of our site partners, these systems can be purchased outright leased on a monthly basis, or owned by Treadio but offering a revenue-share income stream to the site partner.

For more information on getting sit-to-stand, stand-walk and sit-stand-walk Treadio workstations into your private club, please contact our Business Development team.